When I was in fifth grade I dressed up as an interior designer for Halloween and watched HGTV excessively.

When I was in sixth grade my Nina taught me how to sew and I would design outfits and sew paper labels that said “Designs by Adry” on things that I made.

When I was a senior in high school my love for baking began and I had dreams of opening a bakery.

I guess you can say that  I was born with a creative bone in my body that likes to be expressed through fashion, design, food, and crafts. This blog is a reflection of things that I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy.

My name is Adryanna but I go by Adry (A-dree)

College Graduate with a Major in Business with an emphasis in Management and Marketing, Minor in Spanish

Working in Social Media and PR.

Living in Southern California

Contact me at adryonthedaily@gmail.com

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