Gray Sweater + Black Boots

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Sweater: Borrowed from my brother (similar here, here, here and here), Leggings: Nordstrom BP, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff, Hat: HauteMess Boutique (shop similar here)

This outfit is very different from anything I’ve worn here on my blog. My style has always been super feminine and sophisticated and this outfit is anything but that. It’s a lot more edgy to say the least. With fashion being so limitless, I don’t see why anyone should limit themselves to dressing a certain way. What you put on your body will always have a direct reflection on what you feel on the inside, so why not wear things that make you feel a certain type of way. This outfit, for example, made me feel a little like a tomboy but with a sexy edge. This baggy gray sweater (borrowed and never returned from my brother’s closet) and this faux leather baseball hat are really laid back, but the knee high boots and chain crossbody bag give it that girly touch to balance it all out. I’m not gonna lie, I hesitated when I put this outfit on. Can I pull this off? Does my personality not match this outfit? Am I being someone that I’m not? Ultimately, I decided WHO CARES. Experiment with your style, be inspired, try something new.

xo, adry

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