Valentine’s Day Outfit: Skinny Jeans + Bodysuit

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Bodysuit: Laura’s Boutique, Jeans: JC Penney, Shoes: Forever 21, Purse: DailyLook

Alright girl, if the my last Valentine’s Day outfit idea was a little too girly for you, then I gotchu with this one. Jeans, heels, a bodysuit, and a moto jacket and boom, you have a simple, comfortable, but totally cute outfit. Chances are you already have most of them at home! I chose my pink jacket and heels because it’s not as intense as red, but still very appropriate for the occasion. Truthfully, I’ve been wanting to try out this look after seeing the Kardashians wear jeans and bodsuits. I think as long as you have high-waisted jeans and either a bodysuit or just a top tucked in, then you can create a very smooth and figure-flattering look.

As for what I’ll really be wearing on Valentine’s Day, most likely an apron. Haha. I really want to revisit my love for baking and I can’t think of a better way to spend V-Day then baking super cute and delicious treats.  So those are my plans as of now, unless Ed Westwick decides to finally work up the courage to ask me out. Someone please let him know I’ll say yes.



xoxo, gossip girl

I mean adry.

xo, adry.

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